Katrina Lum Turns Clay into Silver

Golden Dragon Necklace by Katrina Lum. Courtesy photo

Mother Earth Gradient Necklace by Katrina Lum. Courtesy photo


You would never know that the exquisitely crafted jewelry by Katrina Lum is something she undertook for the first time only a few years ago.

“My designs are a true expression of who I am,” Lum said. “If someone wants to get to know me, they need not look further than my jewelry.”

 Lum makes pieces using wirework techniques, chainmaille, Viking knit and metalsmithing, striving to make quality jewelry that is unique in design. Lum started making jewelry as a hobby with her daughter in 2010, never expecting to make a career out of it. It quickly became a passion for her.

“I feel incredibly lucky to wake up every morning and create beautiful pieces! This truly is the greatest job on Earth,” she said.

Flower Ring by Katrina Lum. Courtesy photo

The detailed designs Lum produces are created with metal clay. The incredible malleability of the medium allows her to carve and create in the same way. Metal clay comes in a variety of metal types, but she primarily uses fine silver and sterling clays, as well as copper and bronze for their durability and beauty.       

Lum first draws designs which she then carefully hand carves into rubber stamps and then presses into the metal clay. Some pieces have additional elements appliqued or painted with clay to complete the design. Clay components are sanded and refined before firing in a high temperature kiln for several hours. Finally she applies a satin finish and a patina to bring out texture and add depth of color.

Katrina Lum will be at the Fall Arts & Crafts Fair this Saturday, Oct. 19 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Crossroads Bible Church. Her work may be viewed on her website at www.katrinalum.com.


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