Just One Thing To Do This Week: Tell Your Story

Los Alamos

Okay, okay, okay. I will tell you about my date with Kenny Loggins. It was a long time ago. He was recently divorced from his first wife and not yet had his naked wedding to his therapist.

These were my pre-Los Alamos days and I had not yet met my now husband. Kenny and I were just two foot-loose (ha-ha) and fun-loving singles enjoying a few days in Sedona, Ariz.

We spent the weekend at a beautiful resort nestled in the red rocks, we browsed interesting shops, enjoyed amazing food, and the highlight was a spectacular outdoor benefit concert where Kenny performed with Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and Shawn Colvin.

I flew back to Phoenix with Kenny and his band in a private plane. Midflight he and his bandmates sang “Whenever I Call You Friend” a cappella. I remember that plane ride like it was yesterday.

In the interest of full-disclosure, (although it tarnishes my version of the story just a bit), if you asked Kenny about the weekend, if he remembers it at all, he would probably recollect me as his driver. I worked as talent coordinator for the concert production company and it was my job to make sure Kenny was where he was supposed to be and when he was supposed to be. So, yes, I was actually paid to do this job. If you want to get picky about semantics, I was more of a paid escort than a date.

I am sure you see how these facts change my version of the story just a bit. But, that’s okay. I am still good with it. I worked many events and I got to spend time with lots of interesting people and I loved the work.

After moving to Los Alamos, my work choices changed quite a bit, and that is actually the point of this column. Many of us came to Los Alamos as a trailing spouse, and we had to find a way to take our education and experience and somehow make it fit in this remote and quirky town.

Carol A. Clark, the publisher of the Los Alamos Daily Post, and I have been chatting about all the interesting non-LANL folks we know around town and over the next several weeks we are developing a series on trailing spouses.

What did you do before coming to Los Alamos? How did you make living in Los Alamos work for you? We want to hear your story. Send me a few brief paragraphs about your story to marybeth@ladailypost.com.