Just One Thing To Do This Week: Get Out

The fabulous fruit hat. Mary Beth Maasseen at the Red and Black Ball. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/ladailypost.com

Los Alamos

So, I wore a fruit hat.

It was made of artificial fruit and I was going for that Carmen Miranda look, and folks at the party were kind enough to humor me in that regard. I wore the fruit hat to the Family YMCA Red and Black Ball last Saturday night, so there are lots of witnesses and I can’t pretend it didn’t happen.

The theme for the event was “Havana Nights” and for some reason I thought, “Carmen Miranda!” Although as it turns out, Carmen was born in Portugal and was a Brazilian samba singer and dancer, so I had it wrong on all accounts.

From my ethno-centric perspective all those gorgeous gals who dress in skimpy costumes (my costume was not skimpy) and wear fruit and flowers in their hair seem to be forever having a good time and I was ready to have a good time. And I did!

Of course I procrastinated on creating my fruit hat until Saturday, so I did not have time to go to Skiesta on Saturday afternoon, which I was sad to miss, but I had already invested some money into the fake fruit from the Dollar Store, so I needed to build my hat. Did I mention my hat also has a parrot on top?

At the Red and Black Ball I was chatting with a few friends, one of whom mentioned that a co-worker had complained that “there is nothing to do in Los Alamos.”

I have heard people say that before, and I think they need to be more precise.

You can say, “there are no shopping malls in Los Alamos”, or “there are no nightclubs in Los Alamos”, or “there are no bowling alleys in Los Alamos” but you can’t say, “there is nothing to do in Los Alamos.”

About four nights a week I attend events or meetings of one kind or another. Whether you are interested in politics, music, art, drama, theater, or the outdoors, there are lots of things to do in Los Alamos.

Go to http://www.ladailypost.com/artsent to see what is happening in town this weekend. Maybe I will see you at the ExoPlanet Show at the Los Alamos Nature Center Planetarium.
If you have spare time on your hands—which I always think I don’t have ANY spare time, but somehow I found time to make a fruit hat—this community has lots of great ways you can volunteer.

Virtually every organization needs volunteers. What are you interested in? Education, young people, housing, sports? A simple Google search can refer you to many local resources. There is no reason for anyone to be bored or lonely in Los Alamos, you just have to take a little initiative.

So, sometime soon, GET OUT of your house and enjoy the beautiful weather and participate in some of the activities Los Alamos has to offer.

And, if perhaps, you have an event where a fruit hat would be the perfect thing to wear, drop me a line, and I am happy to loan you mine.


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