Juniors and Seniors Invited to ‘College Search 101’

Louise O’Brien and Joanna Gillespie from the LAPS Foundation meet with Connie Goettee from the LAHS Career Resource Center to plan ‘College Search 101.’ Photo by Morrie Pongratz 


The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation has partnered with Connie Goettee from the Los Alamos High School Career Resource Center to present “College Search 101” at 6 p.m., Friday in the Lower Commons at LAHS.

The Foundation has recruited a dozen recent grads to share their college search experience with current juniors and seniors. While the high school’s professional guidance counselors do a great job in advising students, “College Search 101” offers juniors and seniors a chance to eat some free pizza and sit down with a recent grad who has “been there and done that” to benefit from their experience firsthand.

Last May, graduating LAHS senior Alexandra Hehlen wrote, “The essays, the endless applications, the deadlines, the checklists, the fees, the tests, the acceptances, the rejections. Applying for college can arguably be one of the most stressful, heartbreaking, gratifying and exciting experiences in a student’s high school career.

“We Los Alamos High School seniors have just come to the end of the arduous process, beginning our college searches as early as junior year and making our final decisions as late as May 1. Through web searches, meetings with counselors and oodles of time spent digging through college websites, we’ve discovered a lot about the college admissions process that regular college preparation books might not mention.”

These comments spurred LAPS Foundation Board member, Morrie Pongratz to bring the idea of peer to peer college search conversations to fruition. There is no charge for this event and juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend.