Joshua Sackos Arrested For Battery On A Police Officer

Joshua Sackos
Los Alamos Daily Post

Joshua Sackos, 35, of Los Alamos was charged June 16 with battery against a police officer, a fourth degree felony following an incident at Los Alamos Medical Center during which he allegedly spit in a police officer’s face.

Los Alamos Police Cpl. Adam Jung went to Sackos’s home after a man called 911 and made a statement regarding “weird electromagnetic radiation” and hung up. When he arrived at the residence, Jung’s report indicates he encountered Sackos who appeared to be “heavily intoxicated and incoherent”.  Sackos told Jung he may be going to bed, so Jung entered the residence to make sure he turned the music down.

Half an hour later, Jung was again dispatched to the residence because Sackos had called back. Jung’s report states that Sackos asked why he kept getting ignored. Jung asked what he could help him with and Sackos responded that if he decided to take his own life, which he said he recently had, that he would not call or wait for police. He then allegedly said that if people call for help “then they might actually need it”.

In light of Sackos’ comments, Jung called for medics to be dispatched but when they arrived on the scene and attempted to treat Sackos, he was uncooperative. Sackos was handcuffed for his own safety and the safety of others and transported to Los Alamos Medical Center for involuntary mental commitment. At the emergency room, Jung’s report states that Sackos was uncooperative with him and with the nurse who attempted to take his vital signs and had to be restrained.

Upon being released, Jung’s report states that Sackos turned his head toward him and said, “I’m going to (expletive) hunt your ass down bitch” before spitting in Jung’s face.

Sackos appeared June 18 before Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados. He remains free on conditions of release pending a status hearing slated for July 20.