Joint Memorial Making Elections Fairer Passes House


SANTA FE – A House Joint Memorial to make elections more fair has passed the House Floor.

The memorial, sponsored by Rep. Linda Trujillo (D-Santa Fe), calls for Congress to pass the “Fix It America” constitutional amendment. If this amendment were adopted by Congress, it would overturn the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision, limiting the disproportionate influence campaign contributions have on elections, and ensuring political districts are drawn fairly.

“Every vote should count, and every New Mexican should be equally represented in our elections. When elections are more fair, we can achieve more equity in society, the economy, and in government,” Trujillo said.

HJM 10 calls for a simple and practical approach to two important issues: The influence of money on elections and governance, and the rigging of elections through creative district line drawing. House Democrats are committed to transparency and accountability in government, and support measures that will help level the playing field in elections.