Johnson Supports Johnson

Longtime Los Alamos GOP leader JoAnn Johnson worked side by side with Gary Johnson as his regional campaign chairman in the 1994 election in which he became Governor of New Mexico. Photo by Carol A. Clark/  
By JoAnn Johnson
Los Alamos

If you are looking for a viable candidate for President of the United States in the Nov. 8, 2016 General Election, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is your man.

Johnson’s beliefs are what I want to hear. He has pushed for equal rights for LGBT couples, criminal justice and immigration reform and for less American military intervention. He also advocates smaller government, tax reform, term limits and reduction in government spending.

I first became acquainted with Gary Johnson in 1994 when he appeared on the political scene as a total newcomer, planning to run for Governor of New Mexico. He never let those of us who are political activists forget that we didn’t think he had a chance of winning. Not only did he win that election but went on to serve a second term as Governor of New Mexico.

I was fortunate to work side by side with Gary as his regional campaign chairman in the 1994 election. I learned to respect his honesty and ambition. He is a man worthy of your trust. He has done nothing through the years to change my opinion of what a good leader he is.

If you ever travelled the roads in Southeastern New Mexico before Gary Johnson was Governor, you know how poor and dangerous they were. Johnson saw that those roads were improved as well as the highway from Albuquerque to Farmington.

If enough of us vote with our heads and not with our party affiliation, Gary Johnson will be our next President.