Jemez Valley School Board Won’t Renew Contract For Superintendent Jerald E. Snider

JVPS News:

The Jemez Valley Board of Education has voted unanimously to not renew the contract for Superintendent Jerald E. Snider.

In an email sent to parents, Superintendent Snider writes:

To the Jemez Valley School Board and Community,

No doubt by now you have heard that the three attending members of the Jemez Valley Public School Board unanimously elected to not renew my contract for the upcoming school year; the reason for this action was not given.

While the method of its actions concern me, it is clear that the School Board requires a change in leadership for the Jemez Valley Public Schools regardless of its reasoning.

I have a deep love of the Jemez Community; you have welcomed me into your homes and families, and I am very grateful for that. It’s why I have invested more than seven years of my professional life to the District of Jemez; and ultimately why I chose to be married on the Jemez Pueblo.

Becoming superintendent has been a true dream for me, and I’m honored you allowed me to realize that dream. I believe in the schools and I believe in the children who come every day to learn and to grow.

While I believe my vision will lead Jemez Valley Public Schools to greater success and growth for its children, I also recognize that it is the School Board who makes the decision to employ the superintendent. This School Board has clearly communicated what I believe is a privately made decision.

As a result of this action, my tenure at this District will end when my contract expires at the end of June.

Until then, I will continue to do the work I love and will lay the groundwork for teaching children next year as this Board draws the District into the difficult and uncertain process of searching for a new superintendent.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your superintendent.

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