Jemez Mountain Trail Runs Results

Start of the Jemez Mountain Trail Run 50 Kilometer race. Photo by Blake Wood
JMTR News:
Jemez Mountain Trail Run Results:
15 Mile Run
1. Patrick Smyth (Santa Fe) 1:40:03 
2. Jason Schatz (Santa Fe) 2:01:24 
3. Peter Vigneron (Santa Fe) 2:04:25 
1. Erica Baron (Los Alamos) 2:02:56
2. Sophia Torres (Cordova, NM) 2:06:50
3. Natalie Severy (Santa Fe) 2:07:44
50 Kilometer Run
1. Logan Ott (Los Alamos) 5:09:14 
2. Holden Rennaker (Durango, CO) 5:35:02 
3. Jonah Brown (Missoula, MT) 5:38:38 
1. Ruth Senior (Albuquerque) 5:46:15
2. Meaghen Brown (Santa Fe) 6:34:53
3. Aimee Hoyt (Albuquerque) 6:47:53
50 Mile Run
1. Nick Clark (Ft. Collins, CO) 8:37:24 
2. Ben Lewis (Salt Lake City, UT) 9:08:17) 
3. Devon Olson (Steamboat Springs, CO) 9:28:39 
1. Darcy Piceu (Boulder, CO) 10:32:28
2. Stephanie Hinds (Farmington) 12:17:13
3. Amy Gordon (Boulder, CO) 12:30:29
Patrick Smyth of Santa Fe, winner of the 15 Mile Race looks up at the unique handmade quilted finishing banner made by Patti Simi. Photo by Blake Wood.
Darcy Piceu of Boulder, Colo., and Nick Clark of Fort Collins, Colo., First Place Female and Male in the 50 Mile race. Photo by Powell
A large contingent of Los Alamos High School Cross Country runners getting ready for the 15 Mile run. Photo by Blake Wood