Jeanne Hyland Offers Watercolor Class

‘Self Portrait’ by Jeanne Hyland. Courtesy photo
‘Cowboy’ by Jeanne Hyland. Courtesy photo

FLAC News:

From New Hampshire to France to Colorado to New Mexico, Jeanne Hyland has been dabbling in a variety of art media over the years.

Starting with a BFA in Figurative Sculpture and Drawing at the University of New Hampshire, she went on to continue her studies at École des Beaux Arts, in France.

From there, she took up commercial design in Colorado and moved onto her most recent love, watercolors, in California. Today, she still creates, but she also teaches her art to students in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos.

Hyland has displayed her work both nationally and internationally. Her versatility in her art has provided her opportunities to show off her many talents. She has had the honor of participating in the Loveland Sculpture Invitationals and the Sedona Sculpture Walks for her sculptural work.

Her watercolors have won numerous awards in juried exhibits all over the world. She also manages to stay active in several artist societies including the National Watercolor Society, and she is a signature member of Watercolor West, Women Artists of the West, and the New Mexico Watercolor Society.

While Hyland still sculpts, it’s her watercolors that have captured the hearts of her audience. Her paintings are brilliant bursts of flora reaching up into the sunlight or unlikely shades of turquoise in dappled glass reflections. She paints mountain scenes that breath in and out with the viewer.

Her portraits capture the emotion and personality of the models who sit to be painted. She has no fear of adding an unexpected splash of lavender to skin tone because she knows it brings a pulse to her painting.

“To set the overall tone, I often start with rough ‘blocking in’ or intuitive flows of color and work from there,” Hyland said. “I exaggerate and simplify shapes to bring a painting to life. With bold color I intensify a subject’s energy and mood. Watercolor allows me to paint quickly and with great flexibility.”

Next weekend, The Fuller Lodge Art Center will share Hyland’s talents with the community.

Hyland will teach “Wet & Workable Watercolor: A Two-Day Portrait Workshop”, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Nov. 18 and 19.

Her emphasis will be on the portraits that she excels in. Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing with watercolors all of your life, Hyland will be able to guide you through a masterpiece of your own. “Bust the myths of watercolor—try a unique and un-intimidating approach to portrait,” she said.

Students will learn to keep the painting “workable” for hours to lift, sculpt, glaze or layer and achieve a rich, painterly character.

Students can sign up for her class by calling the Fuller Lodge Art Center at 505.662.1635. Registration is open through Wednesday, Nov. 16. The class is $168, plus a materials list.