Izraelevitz: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Los Alamos

And Thank you!

I very much appreciate the support expressed by the community last night. I am delighted and honored to be able to serve Los Alamos as your councilor for another four years. If you voted for me, one last thank you. If you didn’t, I will do my best to earn your trust!

During the campaign, I got a chance for many in-depth discussions with Susan O’Leary, Andrea Cunningham and Michael Redondo, and was impressed by their thoughtfulness and love for Los Alamos. I am looking forward to working with Susan as a fellow councilor, and I am sure that Andrea and Michael will continue their leadership in the community, if not on council, then in other ways.

Finally, if you have a campaign sign and would like to keep it, please do so, and if you find a unique use for it, I’d appreciate knowing about it, especially if it involves a science project 😉 If you don’t want it, please let me know and I’ll pick it up in the next few days.

With warm regards for all of you,