It’s The Thinking, Not The Drinking! Effective Underage Drinking Prevention Talk At Smith Auditorium Thursday

Tracy Juechter


Tracy Juechter, MA in school counseling, will be giving a demonstration of the Alcohol Literacy Challenge (ALC) underage drinking prevention program 5:30-6 p.m., Thursday at Duane Smith Auditorium.

The ALC has been proven to reduce underage and binge drinking in six published studies. The program challenges a person’s expectancies (i.e., beliefs) about alcohol by teaching that most of the good effects of drinking are caused by the mental associations a person has with alcohol, rather than the actual chemical effects alcohol causes in a person’s body.

Come learn about this exciting program that will soon be debuting in Los Alamos schools and take the challenge for your own beliefs about drinking.

Students who understand that they’re responsible for most of the good effects associated with alcohol naturally drink less. Besides learning about the difference between the mental and physical effects of drinking, Juechter will give tips to parents on how to reinforce this important message about alcohol with their children. Juechter has worked on the team that wrote and field tested the ALC for the past six years. She’s presented this program to thousands of students in Santa Fe and Bernalillo Counties, and is coordinating a research program for police and fire personal to test the efficacy of the ALC approach to alcohol prevention for adult professionals.

This program is sponsored by Los Alamos Teen Court. Direct questions to Jenn Bartram at 505.662.8099.

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