Inspirational People: Deciding To Help Perfect Strangers

Los Alamos Daily Post

Often in Los Alamos people are spotted going out of their way to help others. This column highlights those people. Their gestures of kindness both great and small are inspirational and strengthen one’s faith in humanity.

I recall one such incident that occurred a couple of years ago in which a teenage boy went way out of his way to help me. This memorable day started out like any other with me walking my dog behind a local church. We walk in that secluded area because my dog weighs just 5 lbs. and I worry we might encounter a large dog roaming off leash along public sidewalks.

There is a parking area adjacent to where we walk and for some six years my dog has ignored the occasional car coming and going … until this one day when he took off like a shot after a car full of teenage boys.

As the car headed toward the busy street in front of the church I screamed for my dog to stop. He was several yards away from me by then and gaging the distance I knew I could not get to him before he got to that street full of fast moving cars.

Just when I thought the worst was about to happened, a teenager in the back seat of the car turned around, saw my panicked face and yelled at the driver to stop the car. He jumped out, kneeled down and coaxed my dog to come to him, which amazed me because my dog loves the ladies and typically growls at guys.

The teenager picked up my dog, walked the several yards to where I was standing – basically frozen – and smiled widely as he placed my dog in my arms. That teenager is my hero. I don’t know his name but I will never forget him.