Iconic Turquoise Tab Necklace Is Back At MRM

Turquoise Necklace by Leekya Deyuse, c. 1946, gift of Paul Peralta-Ramos. Courtesy photo

Silver and moonstone necklace. Courtesy photo

MRM News:
This iconic turquoise necklace by Zuni jeweler Leekya Deyuse and originally owned by Millicent Rogers has just returned to the Millicent Rogers Museum after being on loan to the Albuquerque Museum for a special exhibit on jewelry from New Mexico.
The necklace is made of 294 tabs of Cerrillos and Blue Gem mined turquoise, weighs 4.5 lbs., and is the most iconic of all pieces of Southwest jewelery owned by the Millicent Rogers Museum namesake.
In addition to the turquoise necklace, the exhibit featured a silver and moonstone necklace with matching cuff designed by Millicent Rogers.
Rogers collected jewelry from all over the world, but had a particular fondness for the work of Native American artists from the Southwest. As a result, the museum owns hundreds of pieces of jewelry that she collected while living in Taos. She also designed and manufactured her own jewelry, and examples of her work are on display at the museum.