How To Prevent Dog Bites

Dr. Bob Fuselier


Preventing dog bites is everyone’s responsibility whether you are a dog owner or not. Dr. Bob Fuselier, of the Animal Clinic of Los Alamos, will provide a free lecture at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 7 at the Los Alamos Dog Obedience Club (LADOC) building at 246 East Road in Los Alamos. 

Dr. Fuselier’s dog-bite awareness lecture promotes proper greeting of dogs and their owners, offering adults and children easy-to-remember steps to avoid becoming a dog-bite victim. The students quickly understand how certain human behaviors can lead a dog to think it is being threatened.

The classes are interactive, ending with an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned by appropriately greeting Dr. Fuselier and his dog, Cherie.

The children learn a new set of behaviors through observational learning, the same learning method Irene Pepperberg used to teach her parrot Alex new concepts of communication. This learning method employs imitation and desire, concepts whose cellular and neural networks are now being defined.

Dr. Fuselier’s career as a veterinarian includes small animal and farm animal practice in North Carolina and Louisiana, volunteer work at a Honduran orphanage during the Contra War, microvascular research, and small animal medicine and surgery in Los Alamos. His desire to understand violence in people and aggression in dogs has fueled his interests in nonviolence and emotional neuroscience.

He also works with and/or supports educational systems and programs that promote tolerance and interconnectivity for students in Honduras, Israel, Afghanistan and Los Alamos.

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