How the Hen House Turns: Dogs and Christmas Trees

How the Hen House Turns: Dogs and Christmas Trees
Column by Carolyn A. (Cary) Neeper, Ph. D.

Dogs know it’s that time again. When the Christmas tree lights go on and the packages appear, they are eager to be in the living room. They sniff around everything – the candles, the ornaments, every package – and they know which one is theirs.

Even if we must be gone for the holiday, we set up a tree and have Christmas together when we can─DeeDee and Scooter and Don and I. But this year I made a mistake.

This Christmas DeeDee and Scooter were more alert to the promises wrapped in bright paper. They waited as patiently as they could near the tree, but they were unusually persistent in sniffing out the packages, unusually eager to get their personal packages unwrapped, and unusually disappointed when the plain rolls of cowhide appeared.

It took some persuading before they finally settled down to chew their presents.

Then my mistake came clear. Since my son-in-law didn’t do tangerines, his stocking contained a package of turkey pastrami. Cowhide can’t compete with turkey pastrami.