House Speaker Brian Egolf On Child Separation Crisis

House Speaker Brian Egolf

Democratic Party of New Mexico News:

Speaker of the House Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) has issued the following statement:

“Like many New Mexicans and Americans, I have watched in horror as the Trump Administration has implemented a new policy that forces cruel separations of children from their families at our southern border. There is simply no excuse for this policy, and there is no excuse for the flood of lies that has come from the highest positions in our federal government.

“The Trump Administration has caused irreparable harm to an unknown number of toddlers and young people by subjecting them to unthinkable trauma, stress, and fear.  I want to be clear: President Trump’s actions in this matter go against the core of our American values.  His policy is appalling, and his defense of the indefensible is beyond the pale.

“I appreciate that a great many leaders of good conscience have spoken out against the Trump Administration and that several have taken concrete action to end the Trump Administration’s cruelty to children and families.  Our own Attorney General, Hector Balderas, has taken a lead in this matter and should be applauded for leading his fellow Attorneys General in this critical effort.

“As the appeals to the conscience of President Trump appear to fall on deaf ears, we must put even more pressure on the leadership in the Congress to do the right thing, keep families together, and fix our broken immigration system fairly and quickly. The Executive Order signed today is a half-measure that itself violates the law and merely perpetuates the problems President Trump himself created.”