House Passes Bill Removing Teacher Leave Penalty


SANTA FE – Monday evening, the House of Representatives approved House Bill 241, a bill sponsored by Reps. Jason Harper (R-Sandoval) and Dennis Roch (R-Quay) to allow teachers to use their contractually-allotted sick leave without the fear they will be docked points in their evaluations.

House Bill 241, known as the “Teachers Are Human Too” bill, would allow teachers to use up to ten days of sick leave and all personal days without it negatively affecting their annual performance evaluations. The bipartisan bill is cosponsored by Representatives Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos) and Christine Trujillo (D-Bernalillo) as well as Sen. Craig Brandt (R-Sandoval).

“We want to support our teachers by allowing them to take the time contractually due to them without worry or fear of repercussions,” Harper said. “We’re grateful for the countless hours these wonderful teachers devote to educating our children. This proposal is an important way we can show them our respect and appreciation for their dedication.”

“Like any other professional, teachers should be allowed to take the time given to them to take care of illnesses or family emergencies,” Roch said. “I am pleased that the House has approved this bill, and I encourage the Senate to pass it and send it to the governor’s office for her signature.”

House of Representatives approved the measure This committee passed House Bill 241 on a bipartisan 64 to 4 vote. House Bill 241 will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.