House Judiciary Passes Bill To Protect CYFD Workers

SANTA FE  Feb. 14, the House Judiciary Committee unanimously passed a bill sponsored by Reps. Monica Youngblood (R-Bernalillo) and Sharon Clahchischilliage (R-San Juan) to shield child protective service employees from harm.
Their legislation, House Bill 44, would increase protections for employees of the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) by making it a crime to commit assault or battery on a CYFD employee while they are performing their job duties.
“CYFD workers are often asked to intervene in volatile situations, and they deserve this extra measure of safety,” Youngblood said. “We place a lot of responsibility on these public service workers, and we must make every effort to protect them and the important work they do to ensure the well-being of New Mexico’s children.”
“This bill will help support the work of our state’s dedicated CYFD employees,” Clahchischilliage said. “Enacting this bill is important to show our care and concern for the safety of CYFD employees on the front line.”
The bill will now be sent to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee for consideration.
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