Hope Christian JV 24, Topper JV 6

Voice of the Hilltoppers
You’ve heard the adage that “the best defense is a good offense”. Well, Monday afternoon at Sullivan Field the Hope Christian Huskies showed that “the best defense is a slow offense”. 
Leading 8-6 at halftime the Huskies took the opening kick-off and held the ball on offense for the entire 3rd period! They finally scored from the Topper 1-yard line at the 9:47 mark of the fourth quarter making the score 15-6 in favor of the Huskies.
The Topper offense then had the ball for 1:09 before turning it over to the Huskies. A goal line stand stopped the Huskies, but the Toppers fumbled the ball away after only 53 seconds of possession. By the time the game ended at 24-6, the Toppers had only had the ball on offense for 3 minutes and 21 seconds of the 20 minutes of play in the second half.

You can’t score if you don’t have the ball…


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