Hinojosa Best Predictor In Pace Race June 5

Courtesy photo
ACRR News:
Fifty-one runners and walkers took to one and three mile Atomic City Road Runners weekly Pace Race courses last Tuesday on Barranca Mesa (since Deer Trap Mesa was closed preventing the 2 and 4 mile course from being used). All finishers were treated to cool watermelon.
In the one mile course around Navajo, Los Pueblos and Barranca Roads, Anders Medin and Beck Chamberlin had the best predictions, only 4 second off their predictions for an adjusted delta of 12 seconds off. Other good predictors were Duane Marr with an adjusted delta of 24 seconds, Jason Waterbury with an adjusted delta of 36 seconds, and Lindsay Gibson with an adjusted delta of 39 seconds.
In the three mile road course around Navajo, down to the end of Los Pueblos and back around Barranca Road, Uvaldo Hinojosa had the best prediction of 8 seconds off of his prediction. Other good predictors were Ted Romero who was 15 seconds off, Mary Snow was 16 seconds off, Zachary Medin who was 24 seconds off, Linda Vance who was 41 seconds off, and Adrienne Hetrick who was off by 44 seconds.
Sean Thomas was the fastest one-miler with a time of 7:45 and Luke Hetrick was the fasted three miler with a time of 19:43.
Next Tuesday night’s pace race begins at 6 p.m. at East Park. One and three mile paved courses will be available. Call 505.672.1639 or visit http://www.atomicrunners.com for more information.
Courtesy photo