Hilltoppers Swimming Intrasquad Meet Results

The Los Alamos High School Hilltoppers swimming team kicked off its 2015-16 season with a Green versus Gold intrasquad meet Saturday, Nov. 7, at Larry R Walkup Aquatic Center.
The Gold team won the combined team scores by a 364-317 count over the Green team. Gold squeaked out a 187-184 win on the girls’ side, and won the boys’ contest by a wider 177-133 margin.
Leading the Gold for the girls was freshman Jillian Bennett who captured the 100 free (1:04.32) and 100 breast (1:16.96).
The Green team kept it close behind with senior Sydney Schoonover’s four wins, which included all three relays. Schoonover, who holds the district record in the 50 free, moved up to the 200 distance to notch her individual win.
On the boys’ side, junior co-captain Alex Jaegers doubled for the Green team in the 50 free (22.38) and 100 breast (1:06.43). Both times were faster than the state meet qualifying standard.
Jake Hollis, also a junior co-captain, surpassed the state meet qualifying standard in the 100 breast with his 1:06.95 in this unofficial competition.
Freshman Dylan Ma won the 200 IM (2:30.66) and finished a close second to junior Justin Lemke in the 100 fly. Lemke won that event in a personal best of 1:03.94.
Several eighth graders shone in their Hilltopper debuts: Sophie Schmidt grabbed the 50 free (28.21), Olivia Tepley took the 200 IM (2:45.59), and Beth Short finished second in the 50 free and third in the 100 breast.
Veterans Kaan Unal and Jesse Liechty won the 500 free event for the boys and girls respectively with solid early season times. Unal also won the 200 free (2:00.88).
Both boys 200 Medley Relay teams eclipsed the state meet qualifying time. The Gold team of Ian Jaegers, Jake Hollis, Dylan Ma, and Kaan Unal beat the Green team of Alex Jaegers, Mark Torres, Justin Lemke and Zeph Tripp, 1:50.15 to 1:57.04.
See complete results below:
Hilltoppers Intrasquad Meet
Final Combined Score: Gold 364, Green 317
G – Gold team GR – Green team SQT= unofficially eclipses state meet qualifying time
200 Medley Relay: Green 2:11.42 (Englert-Erickson, Williams, Schoonover, J Liechty), Gold 2:27.94 (Schmidt, Foley, Hanawalt, G Tepley), Gold 2:45.87 (C Liechty, Harrach, Cunningham, C Tripp), Green 2:53.15 (Lakis, L Tepley, O Tepley, Wallis)
200 Free: Sydney Schoonover GR 2:18.61, Cory Liechty G 2:28.12, Caemlyn Tripp G 2:30.56, Kezia Tripp GR 2:44.15, Lexi Tepley GR 2:47.82, Mikayla Hawawalt G 3:30.29
200 IM: Olivia Tepley GR 2:45.59, Gabba Tepley G 2:53.56, Riana Foley G 3:01.11
50 Free: Sophie Schmidt G 28.21, Beth Short G 29.21, Cory Liechty G 30.17, Kezia Tripp GR 33.07, Ally Lakis GR 35.77, Kristine Wallis GR 43.19
100 Fly: Niamh Short GR 1:13.59, Alex Cunningham G 1:43.61
100 Free: Jillian Bennett G 1:04.32, Niamh Short GR 1:04.43, Alex Cunningham G 1:23.77, Kristine Wallis GR 1:44.05
500 Free: Jesse Liechty GR 6:01.25, Caemlyn Tripp G 6:39.81, Onnolee Englert-Erickson GR 7:12.64, Riana Foley G 7:14.51
200 Free Relay: Green 1:52.97 (Williams, Schoonover, J Liechty, N Short), Gold 1:56.36 (J Bennett, B Short, C Liechty, Schmidt), Gold 2:23.98 (Cunningham, Harrach, Hanawalt, G Tepley), Green 2:27.82 (Wallis, K Tripp, Lakis, O Tepley),
100 Back: Onnolee Englert-Erickson GR 1:22.06, Mykayla Hanawalt G 1:35.89, Elizabeth Harrach G 2:01.27
100 Breast: Jillian Bennett G 1:16.96, Sonyia Williams GR 1:18.31, Beth Short G 1:18.91, Ally Lakis GR 1:46.52
400 Free Relay: Green 4:11.88 (Williams, Schoonover, N Short, J Liechty), Gold 4:27.77 (J Bennett, B Short, Schmidt, Foley), Green 4:59.88 (K Tripp, O Tepley, L Tepley, Englert-Erickson), Gold 5:14.93 (C Tripp, C Liechty, Harrach, G Tepley)
Final Score (Girls): Gold 187, Green 184
200 Medley Relay: Gold 1:50.15 (I Jaegers, Hollis, Ma, Unal) (SQT), Green 1:57.04 (A Jaegers, Torres, Lemke, Z Tripp) (SQT)
200 Free: Kaan Unal G 2:00.88, Justin Lemke GR 2:07.60, Ian Jaegers G 2:07.85, Alex Bullock G 2:33.98, Zeph Tripp GR 2:37.87
200 IM: Dylan Ma G 2:30.66, Jack Whitacre G 2:39.30, Nick Berndt GR 2:39.87, Caleb Hatler GR 3:09.06, Alex Bullock G 3:22.78
50 Free: Alex Jaegers GR 22.38 (SQT), Neil Wilkerson G 25.97, Ethan Aulwes G 30.56, Tim Rademacher GR 37.26, exhibition: Mark Torres GR 25.33
100 Fly: Justin Lemke GR 1:03.94, Dylan Ma G 1:04.82, Jake Hollis G 1:07.31
100 Free: Mark Torres GR 1:00.60, Ethan Aulwes G 1:12.11, Tim Rademacher GR 1:21.30
500 Free: Kaan Unal G 5:32.79, Ian Jaegers G 5:46.77, Zeph Tripp GR 7:27.28
200 Free Relay: Gold 1:54.64 (Wilkerson, Bullock, Aulwes, Whitacre), Green 2:05.48 (Hatler, Rademacher, Berndt, Lemke)
100 Back: Neil Wilkerson G 1:15.04, Caleb Hatler GR 1:28.38
100 Breast: Alex Jaegers GR 1:06.43 (SQT), Jake Hollis G 1:06.95 (SQT), Mark Torres GR 1:15.48, Jack Whitacre G 1:19.42, Nick Berndt GR 1:19.76
400 Free Relay: Gold 3:53.70 (I Jaegers, Ma, Wilkerson, Unal), Green 4:16.84 (Hatler, A Jaegers, Berndt, Torres), Gold 4:30.82 (Bullock, Aulwes, Hollis, Whitacre)
Final Score (Boys): Gold 177, Green 133