Hilltopper Football … The Season of 1972


What a special season this was; in many ways unprecedented compared to seasons before and after.


The team was not loaded with players of exceptional talent but with players highly motivated and believing that giving 100 percent effort would result in success—success ultimately defined by an undefeated 10-win regular season and the District 1AAAA championship.


People interested in revisiting this season or wanting to learn more about it will have that opportunity 3-5 p.m., Oct. 4 at Dixie Girl Restaurant and Bar, 1789 Central Ave., when coaches and players will gather to reminisce.


If you played football for the Hilltoppers between 1970 and 1980, (JV or Varsity), and would like to visit with other’s who played or coached during those years, please bring your spouse and come by and say hello.  It would be great to see everyone again after 40 years.


Also, if you know anyone that played for Coach Glen Howl and Coach Walt Rich let them know … everyone is invited.