Highlights From LAPS 2021 Summer Learning Program

Scenes from LAPS 2021 Summer Learning Program, which wrapped up Monday. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

Los Alamos Public Schools wrapped up its Summer Learning Program Monday. The program was open to kindergarten through 6th grade students. 

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the Summer Learning program,” Interim Superintendent Jennifer Guy said. “Students and staff were able to not only review core subject areas, but also explore other learning activities in the afternoon sessions.”

Teachers provided instruction in subject areas such as math and reading in the mornings. Students then  had the option to attend enrichment activities in the afternoon.

Students took field trips to places around Los Alamos and White Rock, including the public libraries and the Demo Garden.

Other groups went hiking, studied pond life, played musical instruments, learned about car engines, built structures, painted, and solved real world math problems. 

Staff from all school sites, including the middle school and high school, led activities such as jewelry making, band and orchestra. Los Alamos Middle School and Los Alamos High School Speech and Debate Coaches Sherri Bublitz and Margo Batha taught introduction to speech and debate.

School Board Member Christine Bernstein introduced students to Spanish. Guest instructor Wendy Chapin, from the Alternative Learning Through Opera Program, led a drama class. LAHS teacher Melissa Goldman taught students Latin. LAPS staff along with community partners like PEEC offered more than 100 different classes for students.

“The Los Alamos Summer Learning Program was a great example of how we can make learning engaging, innovative, and fun!” Interim Superintendent Guy said. “The teamwork and collaboration among staff and community partners really made this a unique learning opportunity for our students. We think it was a benefit to everyone who was a part of the program, and are looking forward to building on these ideas in the future.”