Highlights From County Administrator’s Report

County Administrator Harry Burgess

lavision2020 News:

Below are highlights from the County Administrator’s Report for January:

Golf Course Clubhouse: Many items are complete (roofing, exterior insulation, drywall, asphalt), but the contractor is behind schedule and has requested until end the of March for “substantial completion.” Food service areas will be partitioned off until a vendor is selected.

Presentations to public and boards will begin soon on the new White Rock Library and Youth Activity Center. Architects believe that the project can be completed by the end of 2014, but staff thinks a spring 2015 completion is more likely.

Site plan for the Nature Center was reviewed by P&Z Jan. 6. Completion of design and start of earthwork is planned for March.

Fuller Lodge Phase 1 project is complete. Phase 2 start is delayed because assigned architect has retired, so a new contract must be awards. The new work should not be as intrusive as Phase I (new elevator, new windows, flagstone replacement, other interior improvements.)

There were 18 new code enforcement cases in December. All were resolved by voluntary compliance.

The RFP for the A-19 property (west of the WR visitors center), has been extended to the end of February to accommodate additional time for potential respondents.

We are almost ready to release an RFP for a pilot Housing Rehab Program. This will include loan or grant funding for income-qualified homeowners to assist in certain improvements to their homes.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation has “come to terms with Souder Miller for the design contract for N.M. 502” and are fast-tracking the contract. There are also ongoing discussions with LAPS to discuss the Central/4th/M.N. 502 roundabout design and right-of-way requirements.

A meeting is planned for spring for local residents to review the rendering and landscape plans; construction of the Eastern Area Soundwall.