High School Bus Loop and Landscape Project Update

LAPS News:

Several construction workers are building forms for the new high school sidewalk. Courtesy/LAPS

Work on the Los Alamos High School bus loop and landscape project is moving forward at a quickening pace.

New sidewalks are being installed along Smith Auditorium and P-wing. A new drainage system will be installed in the parking lot corner of P-wing and Smith.

In addition, the entire parking lot will be seal coated and re-striped. Building forms for the new high school sidewalk are being formed.

Landscaping of the high school is also underway. A retaining wall will be built along the sidewalk entrance to the high school. A new drainage system will be installed that carries water
away from the IMC building.

Carlos Valdez, left, of the Los Alamos County Extension Horticulturalist and Henry Wilton, LAPS Maintenance Technician IV-Grounds, are examining a poplar tree on school grounds near Diamond Drive. Courtesy/LAPS

A 40 percent loss of the cambium layer and an infestation of cytospora lead to a decision to remove the tree. In addition, one of the Austrian Pines on the high school campus suffers from an infestation of bark beetles. This tree will be trimmed in the hopes of stopping the infestation.

Henry Wilton and Orlando Garcia (LAPS Maintenance Technician II-Irrigation Specialist) are examining the shutoff valve for the high school irrigation system. Courtesy/LAPS

The shutoff valve will be taken out and moved closer to the IMC building in anticipation of the installation of a new irrigation system.

A sod cover will laid down over the large dirt area in front of the school in mid to late October.

The Rotary Club of Los Alamos will partner with the school district in the landscape design by installing a Memorial Garden to honor the memories of our high school students.

A groundbreaking ceremony is planned at noon, Aug. 8 to celebrate the path forward on the landscaping of the grounds.

The public is invited to attend this event.


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