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Jacqueline Shen, who co-owns High Power Learning, Inc. along with her sister, Caroline, prepares for the upcoming AP Calculus Power Prep courses that begin March 31. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

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For high school students interested in preparing for their upcoming AP Calculus AB or BC exams or taking calculus next school year, High Power Learning, Inc. is here in Los Alamos to help.

High Power Learning, which offers academic tutoring through AP level STEM subjects, assistance in preparing for the ACT and SAT tests and guidance in applying to college, will hold AP Calculus Power Prep courses starting March 31 through May 3. Students who register by March 18 for any spring or summer Power Prep course will receive a $100 scholarship towards their course. Students can register by calling or emailing High Power Learning Co-Owner Jacqueline Shen at 714.642.0468 or

Instructor Corbin Freeman is an AP STEM subject expert and College Reading and Learning Association certified tutor. Freeman will lead the comprehensive five-week prep course, designed to help students review and practice commonly tested concepts and pacing strategies for the AP Calculus exams. The courses use High Power Learning’s proprietary curriculum and officially released AP exams and include 20 hours of instructor-led review, guided practice and drills.

To supplement their preparation, students will receive take-home practice questions and answers. All course study materials will be provided, along with snacks and refreshments. Students just need to bring pencils, an eraser, and a TI-84 plus CE Calculator.

Shen said students will learn a lot from Freeman, whose expertise includes college-level calculus, chemistry and physics.

“One of the benefits of attending our AP Calculus Power Prep course is that she (Freeman) breaks down complex concepts in a clear, simple way. She helps students build confidence in their math and science skills, and they actually enjoy learning math when they understand what they’re doing,” Shen said.

Shen added that High Power Learning’s courses are focusing on calculus initially because math is a difficult, stressful subject for many students, even “STEM kids.” In fact, in July 2019, the New Mexico Public Education Department released achievement data that showed around 80 percent of students weren’t proficient in math, 66 percent weren’t proficient in reading and 65 percent weren’t proficient in science.

The AP Calculus Power Prep courses are just the tip of the iceberg for how High Power Learning helps students. Shen’s team is preparing to offer other courses for chemistry, physics, ACT, and SAT, in addition to the private lessons her team already provides.

Shen and her sister Caroline Shen — who founded High Power Learning, Inc. in 2007 and manages their growing team in Orange County, California — have developed a proprietary ACT and SAT preparation program to help high school students prepare for either exam. Their proven program is infused with test-taking tips to avoid common mistakes observed from working with over 1,000 students throughout the years.

With New Mexico now requiring high school students statewide to take the SAT to graduate, the need to prepare is even more paramount. Shen said that in addition to certain colleges requiring students to submit ACT or SAT scores with their college applications, some colleges also use ACT and SAT scores as scholarship qualifications and as course placement assessments for admitted students.

Shen explained that with High Power Learning’s tailored program, students begin their ACT or SAT preparation by taking full-length diagnostic exams to identify their natural strengths and baseline performance. She and her team review and discuss the results with students and their families before students choose which exam to focus on.

Each student receives a customized lesson plan, complete with test-taking strategies, based on their skill and grade levels. High Power Learning has also partnered with Testing Timers to provide specifically designed ACT and SAT pacing watches to help students manage their time during the exams.

“Every part of our approach, from customized learning plans to printed lessons and pacing watches, is carefully designed to help our students do their best,” Shen said.

Additionally, she said, “In 2019, our sophomores, juniors, and seniors improved an average of five points on the ACT and an average of 120 points on the SAT over their initial diagnostic tests.”

High Power Learning also assists high schoolers with maneuvering the complex web of applying to colleges and scholarships. Shen and her sister Caroline hold certificates in College Counseling awarded with distinction through UCLA Extension.

Shen said a lot of parents say that they feel overwhelmed with how complicated the process is now, compared to when they went through it themselves, and that they are grateful and a lot less stressed knowing that Shen and her team are looking out for their children’s best interests.

High Power Learning works with high school students to prepare for college through customized plans. Freshmen and sophomores who want to get ahead start with personality and learning style assessments to help them learn about themselves and their interests. These assessments also help High Power Learning’s advisors determine how to guide each student “to make the best of your high school experience through targeted course work, extracurricular activities, ACT or SAT planning, college visits, and experiential learning summer programs,”  Shen said.

Juniors and seniors receive comprehensive college application guidance as they apply to universities across the U.S. Her team helps students create balanced college lists that match their academic abilities, choice of majors, career pathways, and personal criteria.

“We take a very holistic student-centric approach,” Shen said.

High Power Learning also helps juniors and seniors brainstorm and improve their personal statements and supplemental application essays.

Shen said, “The essays are often where students spend the most time and request the most guidance to help them showcase their unique personalities and achievements.”

High Power Learning has a proven track record of delivering great results. For the Class of 2020, High Power Learning has helped seniors gain admission to 40 colleges with $822,000 in scholarships so far, with more admissions results to come through April.

Shen said she loves helping students.

“It’s super motivating to see your students thrive and become more confident in advocating for themselves and what they want to achieve in college and beyond,” she said.

Parents also appreciate how Shen has helped their kids.

“Parents bring me on to their family’s team to ensure their kids are aware of the things they should do in high school to prepare for their future,” she said. “Parents tell me that having a third party look out for their children’s best interests…alleviates their stress and allows them to keep peace at home!”

Shen earned her undergraduate degrees in mathematics and business economics with high honors at the University of California, Riverside and her MBA at Cornell University. She holds a certificate in College Counseling awarded with distinction through UCLA Extension.

High Power Learning, Inc. is located at 1505 15th Street, Suite A, Office 9, next door to the Los Alamos Little Theatre. For more information, visit To register for the AP Calculus Power Prep courses, private lessons, or receive more information about High Power Learning, Inc. services, call Jacqueline Shen at 714.642.0468 or email

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