Henderson: Why I Am Running For Re-election

Democratic Candidate
Los Alamos County Council
Tuesday is Primary Day in New Mexico, and of course in Los Alamos. I encourage everyone to get out and vote.
As a current County Councilor, I am running for re-election. Much of what I ran on in 2012 is still important – the need to be inclusive in our decision-making, and in particular to include the needs of young families and those with children still at home in our decision-making as a community; the need for smart choices to encourage revitalization in our downtowns, in White Rock and on the hill; and the need to be proactive in helping to invigorate, and expand, our housing options. The need, as I ran on then, for some “reasonable progress.”
Some of what Council has done to address those issues is underway and some is just beginning. I would be honored to continue to be involved in those decisions that are so important to our future.
Additionally, Los Alamos has new and exciting challenges and opportunities in front of us. The decisions we make as a community now will affect whether, for instance, the new National Park in our downtown is something we cherish and appreciate, or whether it is an unhelpful burden. 
Similarly, the decisions the local government makes about investments in infrastructure, and use of our land-transfer lands (from the DOE), may well affect whether our major employer can attract the best and brightest in the next few years, as the Lab faces a major turnover in its staff.
It has been an honor to serve Los Alamos as a County Councilor for the last three and a half years, and to have been selected to serve as Chair of the Council for 2015. I hope I can continue to serve my community in this way for another term.