Help LALO Select Next Production

LALO News:

Los Alamos Light Opera is inviting the public to comment on choices for its next show, to be produced the last weekend of February and the first weekend of March2018.

Recently, the LALO Board listed and discussed 25 possible light operas and narrowed the choice down to five. The criteria are as follows: availability (from the rights-holder–depends on whether the show is still on Broadway or on tour), good music, large cast with both women and men, dancing, uplifting, family-friendly, not “dated” (with inappropriate racial, cultural references) and not presented recently in Los Alamos.

Please pick your favorite(s) from this list and tell LALO if, and in what capacity you might like to participate. Do you want to see it? Be in it? Be a principal actor? Be in the chorus? Dance? Play in the Orchestra? Work on a backstage crew? Do you want to be the producer? The director? The music director? More information for each show can be found in the accompanying websites.

The short list:

Respond to by Feb. 28.