Heather Ward’s ‘World Of Birds’ At Mesa Library

Royal Spoonbill by Heather Ward. Courtesy photo


Scratchboard wildlife artist Heather Ward, recently featured in Southwest Art, depicts more than five dozen species of bird in her solo exhibition, A World of Birds, at the Mesa Public Library upstairs gallery, during the month of May.

The community is invited to the opening reception 5-7 p.m. Thursday, May 4, or stop by anytime during the month of May during regular library hours.​

Each of Ward’s meticulous drawings is accompanied by information about the species, with some even incorporating sound. Other information stations will describe the influence of birds on our culture, including cartoons and sports mascots, the effects humans have had and are having on bird populations, how to attract birds to your yard, and citizen science projects in which anyone can participate. So much more than just an art exhibit, A World of Birds promises to be educational and inspirational.

Birds have influenced human culture for thousands of years. They have found their way into our religions, myths, and legends; they have influenced our fashion; their feathers have kept us warm and their meat has sustained us; we have even invited them into our homes as pets. There are nearly 10,000 species of birds living today. Step beyond your backyard, and see a world of birds, each uniquely adapted to their own niche, with their own fascinating plumage, habits and history.