Healing Hands: The Mobile Massage Therapist

Healing Hands: The Mobile Massage Therapist

Many local massage therapists make house calls and do on-site chair massage, taking treatment to people to whom it might not be possible otherwise. A portable massage table or chair and a quiet place to set up are all that is necessary to provide therapeutic massage.

Groups of people at work can set up a time and place for the therapist to set up a massage chair and receive 10 to 15 minute treatments per person. Home bound people can call and have a mobile massage therapist come to them, or it makes a great surprise for a loved one to receive the gift of a massage at home!

Office workers and teachers set aside time in their busy schedules to have a licensed massage therapist come to their workplace which helps increase productivity by reducing pain and stress (2014). Workers often report returning to work feeling recharged, clear minded, and rejuvenated after a 15 minute chair massage. This allows workers to be more effective upon returning to their stations.

A vast majority of people I see for office chair massage have a chief complaint of pain in the shoulders, neck, arms, hands and wrists because their job requires them to be at a workstation. In the massage chair you sit in an ergonomic position that allows therapists excellent access to these areas, and you do not remove your clothing so it is uncomplicated and time-saving as well.

The time for individual chair massage sessions can be 10 to 15 minutes in duration depending on the needs of the group. Teachers are heavily stressed and receive tremendous benefit from chair massage. The struggle for teachers to find the time in their schedules is worth the effort because of the benefits of returning to work feeling better with a fresh outlook and a positive attitude. Therapeutic massage at home makes a great gift idea for a stressed-out spouse or a busy student. 

I see this group of people in their homes as they are unable to make regular appointments in my office because of scheduling or health issues. Students and spouses are usually too busy to make an office appointment, so they opt for a session at home instead. This is part of a group of people who don’t regularly receive massage and this is why it makes such a great gift.

Many home bound people also find that after a massage at home using either the chair or the table they are refreshed and have a more positive outlook. Other benefits include being at home and not having to travel anywhere except to the shower, hot tub, and or to sleep. The mobile massage therapist takes a few minutes to set up the chair or table in a quiet room and in no time you can be experiencing all the benefits of therapeutic massage!

Therapeutic sessions can be tailored to fit your needs so that hydrotherapy may be applied, or you may need to have a service animal by your side, or you may require a specific treatment such as prenatal massage. Anyone can schedule to have a licensed massage therapist come to their home or workplace to receive therapeutic massage.

You may have medical concerns to address with your doctor before you call your local therapeutic massage therapist to schedule an in-home or office visit. The mobile massage therapist is just a phone call or email away!

Gregory Barthell graduated from The New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts with diplomas in both therapeutic massage and polarity therapy. After passing the National Board examination for bodywork, Barthell received his Massage Therapy License from the state of New Mexico. His practice, Sunrise Therapeutics, is in downtown Los Alamos. Call 505.661.4835 or email gbarthell2@gmail.com for more information. 


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