HD3 Discovery Day For Garage Inventor Nov. 4-5

HD3 News:

High Desert Discovery District (HD3), New Mexico Manufacturing Partnership and Qynergy are co-hosting HD3 Discovery Day™ for the Garage Inventor Nov. 4-5.

This two-day HD3 signature event is being held at the CNM Workforce Training Center in Albuquerque.

“Some of the greatest companies in the world got their start inside a garage. Throughout New Mexico, there is an abundant and rich base of invention and creativity – from the most esoteric technology often associated with our DOE labs to the most mainstream consumer or industry-specific product created by the ingenuity of entrepreneurs whom we want to bring forward and help if we can,” said Michelle Miller, founder and CEO of HD3. “Wherever I travel in New Mexico, I find an enormous talent source that identifies, solves and fills market problems, needs and gaps. We hope all innovators, from those inside our national labs and universities to those inventors working inside their metaphorical ‘garages’  will apply to Garage Inventor Discovery Day.”
As with other Discovery Day events, innovators from all over New Mexico are invited to apply to present their invention, innovation, discovery or start-up opportunity to a highly-experienced group of subject matter experts, business achievers, entrepreneurs, innovators, management experts and investors. This Discovery Day will focus on all innovation that has a strong, market-based application.    
The application deadline to participate is Friday, Oct. 23. For more information about Discovery Day application criterion, visit www.hddd.org
All Discovery Day presenters are invited to attend the HD3 Networking Cocktail Reception and Casual Supper – an HD3 tradition to gather together presenters, panelists, hosts, sponsors and special guests socially the evening before Discovery Day. 
What is Discovery Day?
The purpose of the HD3 Discovery Day is to offer New Mexico innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to vet and discuss their innovation or opportunity (‘discovery’), their challenges, strategy and market promise in front of a highly experienced group of business achievers.
Each HD3 advisor has extensive experience in matching technology opportunities with needs in the marketplace, product development, investment strategy, marketing and sales, management, valuations and exits. 
In addition to their experience, each advisor also brings a wide international network of contacts and resources that are tapped to accelerate the most promising discoveries.
Each presentation and discussion time is limited to 30 minutes, and all panel presentations are conducted in a private setting to allow for the maximum of sensitive and proprietary business and technological information to be shared; and a fluidity of discussion, strategy and suggestions to occur. 
All Discovery Day discussions remain confidential. 
Since its founding, HD3 has hosted 13 Discovery Day events throughout the state. Known as New Mexico’s “Shark Tank”, HD3 co-hosts this signature program with R/D, industry partners or economic development entities across New Mexico. 
Between 12-15 are typically selected to present based on the list of criteria developed by HD3. The evening prior to Discovery Day, a social gathering for the selected presenters and the HD3 advisors is hosted.