Hawk Hangout Brings Breakfast to LAMS

LAMS News:

Los Alamos Middle School (LAMS), with the help of Summit Foods, will be in the breakfast business during of the month of March.

LAMS Principal Rex Kilburn worked with students to create the Hawk Hangout, which will hold an inaugural event at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, March 6 in the cafeteria, and if successful, will continue Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the month. Hawk Hangout also will feature music and hands on opportunities for youth to start their day on a creative note.

Students will have the opportunity to assist in a variety of youth development projects and win prizes later in the month. The friendly, food service staff will sell items including turkey sausage, pancakes, French toast and fresh fruit for $2.50 or cereal, milk and fruit for $1.50. Milk and juice also will be available for purchase.

“A group of young men came to me with an idea to have the cafeteria open in the morning for some hang-out space and for breakfast,” Kilburn said. “I talked with them about the concerns that food service provider Summit Foods might have, and to help them understand the perspective of the business side. However, I assured them that the idea would be brought to Ian for his consideration.”

Enter Summit Foods Manager Ian Tillotson, who understands that full stomachs make for better learners and was willing to give the project a try. Summit Foods staff work hard daily to feed the students throughout the district, often going above and beyond what is expected of a small business, Kilburn said.

“Ian is a true asset to the middle school,” Kilburn said.

“It is exciting to watch the students grow their minds and my staff and I take great pleasure in knowing that we are able to assist in this process,” Tillotson said.

Those wishing to contribute funds for students in need to participate in Hawk Hangout, may call the Prevention Office at 505.663.3252 or donations of lunch and breakfast items may be brought to the LAMS main office throughout the month of March.