Have You Heard of Coyote Hazing?

PEEC News:
Coyote Hazing: it sounds like a menacing practice, but actually it’s what the experts recommend for handling unexpected coyote encounters.

David Parsons of Project Coyote came to PEEC Oct. 1 to present a program about coexisting with coyotes. Coyotes are extremely adaptable and have learned to live in human-dominated landscapes. Conflicts can be managed through changes to both human and coyote behaviors. Keeping coyotes wild and wary of humans helps avoid conflicts.

The method recommended for changing coyote behavior is “coyote hazing”: do whatever you can to scare coyotes away from you and your yard. Remove anything that attracts them to your yard. When you see a coyote, act “big, bad and loud”. Wave your arms, make noise, and even throw small objects toward the coyote. Make sure the coyote learns that humans are something to be afraid of!

For more information about coyote hazing, see Project Coyote’s coyote hazing field guide.


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