Have a Great Conversation at LAPSF Fundraiser: Part 2


Great Conversations is an afternoon of delicious appetizers, wine and desserts and conversations led by one of twelve interesting and knowledgeable leaders on a subject. All of the conversation leaders are locally or regionally known and are volunteering their time to support K-12 public education in Los Alamos. 

The event raises funds to support the professional development of teachers which is provided on an annual basis by the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation. The sixth annual event is 2-5 p.m. Sunday, May 3 at the Betty Ehart Senior Center.

This is the second in a series of four articles about the planned conversations.

Details about all 12 speakers can be seen at: http://lapsfoundation.com/greatconversations.shtml

REGISTRATION FORM:   http://lapsfoundation.com/docs/GC_invite15.pdf

“The LAPS Foundation is honored to provide Great Conversations as learning opportunity for our community,” LAPSF Director Joanna Gillespie said. “Attendees will find themselves feeling spoiled by the hospitality of the Foundation as well as the opportunity to enjoy an in-depth conversation, something that is all too infrequent these days.”

Reservations are first come, first served and are not complete until payment is received. The reservation deadline is April 30.

Table # 4
Sherry Hardage
Bon Voyage; Meet a Travel Writer and Tour Guide

Sherry Hardage, author of Solo Traveler, a column in the Los Alamos Daily Post, has been traveling the world for the last four years since she retired from Honeywell.  How does it feel to travel alone to places where you don’t speak the language? What can you do to stay safe?  How can you take what you’ll need without weighing yourself down? How do you finance a trip around the world? Is it possible to earn money while you travel?  Discuss all this and more, with Hardage, who spent more than a year traveling and living in Mexico. She gives tours to small groups through the semi-tropical state of Chiapas, where her guests enjoy climbing Mayan ruins, visiting stunning waterfalls and picturesque villages.  A seasoned traveler, she has spent months at a time traveling around the US and other countries: Guatemala, Belize, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Thailand, and France.

Table # 5
Stephanie Sydoriak
Learning Resilience at Any Age

Is there a difference between happiness and contentment? What should we do with our wisdom? Can we teach our brain new tricks? Together, you will unravel some of the thoughts we have about aging and resilience with Stephanie Sydoriak. She is a woman of many talents and interests: poet, author, teacher of music and student of Physics. Her early work began in 1948 when she helped translate scientific papers in Russian, German and French at the laboratory. Sydoriak, a Los Alamos Living Treasure, will explore the shifts in what we and others think of the present and the future as our age and circumstances in life change. 


Table # 6
Bob Fuselier
A Change to Tolerance Locally and International

In his desire to understand violence in people and aggression in dogs, local veterinarian and humanitarian Dr. Bob Fuselier, studied the work of the French historian and philosopher, Rene Girard. Together, you will discuss Girard’s idea that there is a form of violence, what he called the “sacred violence,” that is necessary for the founding of all communities. Fuselier works with and supports educational systems and programs that promote tolerance and interconnectivity for students in Honduras, Israel, Afghanistan and Los Alamos. Learn how this veterinarian turned humanitarian grew his understanding of non-violence and emotional neuroscience ideas by studying philosophers and watching animal and humankind.




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