Hannemann’s Music Corner: A Little Light Summer Reading List

Hannemann’s Music Corner: A little light Summer Reading List
Over the many years various books on music have found their way into my library. Often I’ve found these at a used bookstore, or a thrift store, sometimes they have been a gift, sometimes they were recommended.
They usually show up when I need them. I keep prowling for more and some I’ve found at Friends of the Bookstore.
Here are all the books I currently have in my music library. It’s an incomplete list – some have wandered off to other readers over the years (probably as many have vanished as I currently have). The books with the * are absolute must-haves. Have fun 🙂

General Music (reading fun for everyone)

  • The Understanding of Music 2nd ed, Charles R. Hoffer, Wadsworth Publishing Co, 1971
  • *A History of Western Music 4th ed, Donald Grout & Claude Palisca, W.W. Norton & Co, 1988
  • The Mozart Compendium, H.C. Robbins Landon editor, Borders Press, 1990
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Hildesheimer, Vintage Books, 1983
  • An Introduction to Music 2nd ed, Martin Bernstein, Prentice-Hall, 1951
  • Temperament, Stuart Isacoff, Alfred A Knopf, 2001
  • Listen to the Music, Jonathan D. Kramer, Schirmer Books, 1988
  • Tchaikovsky: His Life and Times, Wilson Strutte, Midas Books, 1979

General Music Theory and Composition

  • *Basic Principles of Music Theory, Joseph Brye, Ronald Press, 1965
  • Handbook of Harmony – Diatonic Harmony, George Heussenstamm (self published)
  • Handbook of Harmony – Chromatic Harmony, George Heussenstamm (self published)
  • Handbook of Tonal Counterpoint, George Heussenstamm (self-published)
  • *Counterpoint: The polyphonic vocal style of the 16th c., Knud Jeppesen, Dover Publications, 1992 ed.
  • *Counterpoint 3rd ed, Kent Kennan, Prentice-Hall, 1987
  • Counterpoint in Composition, Felix Salzer & Carl Schachter, Columbia University Press, 1969
  • *The Study of Counterpoint: from Gradus ad Parnassum by Johann Joseph Fux, trans and ed by Alfred Mann, W.W. Norton Publishing, 1971
  • *The Analysis of Music, John D White, Prentice Hall 1976
  • Form in Music, Wallace Berry, Prentice-Hall, 1966
  • Treatise on Harmony, Jean-Phillipe Rameau, Dover Publications 1971
  • The Study of Fugue, Alfred Mann, Dover Publications, 1987
  • Techniques of the Contemporary Composer, David Cope, Schirmer Books, 1997
  • Songwriting, Stephen Citron, Limelight Editions, 6th printing 1998
  • Music Notation 2nd ed, Gardner Read, Taplinger Publishing, 1979
  • Essential Dictionary of Notation, Alfred Publishing, 1998
  • Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns, Nicolaus Slonimsky, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1947, 1975
  • Pocket Manual of Musical Terms 5th ed, Theodore Baker ed., Schirmer Publishing, 1995
  • Elson’s Pocket Music Dictionary, Theodore Presser Publishing, 1911
  • Orchestration, Cecil Forsyth, Dover Publications, 1982
  • *Principles of Orchestration, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, Dover Publications, 1964
  • *Essential Dictionary of Orchestration, Alfred Publishing, 1998 (I use this a lot)
  • Conducting Technique, Brock McElheran, Oxford University Press, 1989
  • A Practical Approach to Various Techniques for Composing for Film, Jack Smalley, self published. (As far as I know, you can only get this if you take his film comp seminar offered through the Film Music Network)
  • *On The Track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring 2nd ed, Fred Karlin & Rayburn Wright, Routledge, 2004
  • The Art of Film Music, George Burt, Northern University Press, 1994
  • Complete Guide to Film Scoring, Richard Davis, Berklee Press, 1999
Specific by Style/Genre
These are really nifty books since they have many examples of the music itself plus the theory and structure of the particular style/idiom (not all style/genre books have the structural theory stuff.)
  • The Jazz Book, Joachim Berendt, Lawrence Hill Books, 1981
  • Cancionero Popular de la Provincia De Caceres, Instituto Espanol de Musicologia, Barcelona 1982 (you may need a Spanish/English dictionary for this)
  • *Music of Acoma, Isleta, Cochiti, and Zuni Pueblos, Frances Densmore, Smithsonian Institution Bulletin 165, 1957 (this one is absolutely priceless)
  • The Indian’s Book, Natalie Curtis, Dover Publications, 1968
  • Traditional American Folk Songs, Anne Warner, Syracuse University Press, 1984
  • Best Loved American Folk Songs, John and Alan Lomax, Grosset & Dunlap, 1947
  • Jerry Silverman’s Ragtime Guitar, Chappell Music Co, 1976
Music Business
  • This Business of Music 9th ed., M. William Krasilovsky & Sydney Shemel, Watson-Guptil Publications, 2003
  • Making Music Make Money, Eric Beall, Berklee Press, 2004
Music Pedagogy
  • Teaching Music in the Secondary Schools, Charles R Hoffer, Wadsworth Publishing, 1965 (this is the most recent acquisition from Friends of the Library Bookstore – thanks to who ever left it off)
Music Instrument Repair
  • *The Complete Woodwind Repair Manual, Reg Thorp, National Assn of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, 2005
  • Allied Supply Catelogue (okay, you can only get this if you are a dealer or repair tech which is too bad since the articles and repair tips in it are invaluable.)
  • Guide to Brass Musical Instrument Repair, Christopher Page Bluemel, Northeastern Music Publications, 2011
  • Selmer Band Instrument Repairing Manual, Erick D Brand, H.A Selmer Inc, 1942 (this is still available from other distributer/publishers).
  • The Practical Band Instrument Repair Manual, Clayton H. Tiede, Wm. C. Brown Publishers, 1970.
Beyond the above there are some great magazines by genre or instrument – for guitarists I strongly recommend Soundboard Magazine from the Guitar Institute of America.
That should provide you with plenty to read, study, do, learn for the summer. Play on 🙂

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