Groundhog Day: Still Fighting The Food Tax!


It’s Groundhog Day, and just like the movie where Bill Murray found himself living the same day over and over, we once again find ourselves fighting to prevent the reimposition of the food tax.

Last week, Senate Bill 274 was introduced to bring back the food tax.

Please take a moment to email your legislators and Gov. Martinez and urge them to oppose this attempt to reimpose New Mexico’s regressive and anti-family food tax!

Two years ago, the food tax was slipped into a major tax bill just 12 hours before the session concluded, but we raised the alarm and thanks to a quick response by thousands of New Mexicans opposed to the food tax, it was removed before the bill passed.

Three years before that, with your help, we persuaded the governor to line-item veto a portion of a bill that would have reimposed the local portion of the food tax.

However, the New Mexico Municipal League, which represents the state’s mayors and city councils, still wants to bring back the food tax. The Municipal League has even hired a professional public relations group, the Holly Company, to mount a powerful campaign on behalf of reimposing the food tax.

Our small staff will go all out to defeat the food tax once again this year, but we won’t be able to do it without your help. More than 2,800 New Mexicans from every corner of the state have already signed our petition against the food tax. In addition, Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales, Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh and the Los Alamos County Council have all come out in opposition to the Municipal League’s proposal. But the most important votes against the food tax will be the ones from your legislators and Gov. Martinez.

Thank you for helping us keep food tax-free for New Mexico’s families.

About Think New Mexico

Think New Mexico is a results-oriented think tank whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all New Mexicans, especially those who lack a strong voice in the political process. We fulfill this mission by educating the public, the media, and policymakers about some of the most serious challenges facing New Mexico and by developing and advocating for effective, comprehensive, sustainable solutions.

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