Griffin & Associates And HK Advertising Create New Entity: Sunny505

Joanie Griffin
SUNNY505 News:
Two of the state’s largest marketing communications firms have formed a strategic alliance and created a new entity.
Albuquerque-based Griffin & Associates and Santa Fe-based HK Advertising are collaborating on projects as Sunny505 effective today.
“We have spent two decades competing against one another,” Dave Hayduk, CEO of HK Advertising said. “What we realized is we are stronger together, especially when it comes to competing against out-of-state firms.”
The two companies spent 2018 pitching new business and working together to see how the two cultures work together. They have successfully been working on a variety of campaigns including the Village of Cloudcroft, the City of Alamogordo, the Town of Silver City and Los Alamos County.
Dave Hayduk
“We work amazingly well together, so the next challenge was to name our new alliance,” Joanie Griffin, CEO of Griffin & Associates explained. “We landed on Sunny505 – sunny obviously for the sunshine, but also because the way we illuminate projects and help our clients grow. 505 for the area code, but also because in numerology, it means something good is about to happen. And that’s what we do – we help our clients and their bottom lines rise.”
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