Governor Unveils Series Of Powerful TV Ads To Fight Drunk Driving

ALBUQUERQUE — Gov. Susana Martinez unveiled a series of powerful TV ads to fight drunk driving on the state’s roads and highways.
These new ads feature New Mexico State Police officers sharing their personal stories of coming face-to-face with the real and horrible consequences of drunk driving, witnessing the devastating fatal crashes and having to inform families that their loved ones have been killed.
To view these new ads, visit here.
“Our police officers are often the first on the scene. They see firsthand  with their own two eyes  the horror when someone decides to take the wheel after drinking,” Martinez said. “These ads feature their stories. They are powerful and heart-wrenching. By sharing their experiences, we hope more people will think twice before drinking and driving.”
So far this year, 234 people have been killed in traffic crashes in New Mexico, 95 of them alcohol-related.
These new ads will run on radio and TV throughout the state through Jan. 23. 
Martinez has repeatedly fought for tougher DWI penalties. Just this year, she called on lawmakers to crack down on repeat offenders and increase penalties for those who recklessly toss the keys to someone whose license has been suspended due to a DWI conviction.
While the Legislature has failed to act on these and many other proposals, Martinez will continue her fight to make New Mexico’s roads safer from drunk drivers.
Martinez also announced the results of the 2015 100 Days and Nights of Summer, a statewide law enforcement effort that ran from June through September, which put more police officers on the roads to target drunk drivers.
During this year’s effort, 82 people were arrested for DWI, and 86 fugitives were apprehended during traffic stops, 46 for felonies, 12,305 drivers were cited for speeding, 1,640 people were cited for seatbelt violations, 1,381 for child restraint violations and 867 were cited for cellphone use while driving.