Governor: New TV Ads Fight DWI; Distracted Driving



SANTA FE – Gov. Susana Martinez announced powerful TV ads – called “Just a Matter of Time” – to fight drunk and distracted driving. 

Both of the new ads are from the point of view of a driver breaking the law – until ultimately they crash. The ads can be viewed here.

“When you drive drunk or distracted you put your life and the lives of every other person on the road in danger,” Martinez said. “It just isn’t worth it. Make the responsible decision when you get behind the wheel – it will save lives.”

In one ad a man is featured driving distracted over and over again, until ultimately he ends up crashing. In the other ad, a woman is shown driving drunk in different scenarios until she hits a person on a bike. Both of them end up in devastating situations because of their irresponsible actions. The ads will run on TV later this year.

“There is absolutely nothing so important on your phone that anyone should lose their life over. Pay full attention to your driving – it only takes a fraction of a second to lose control of your vehicle,” said New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas.

Governor Martinez announced Friday the state’s participation in the national DWI crackdown Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Beginning today through Labor Day weekend, law enforcement will increase DWI checkpoints, saturation patrols, and have more officers on the road. Additionally, the 100 Days and Nights of Summer safety campaign will continue through the end of September.

So far this year, there have been 213 total traffic fatalities – including 45 distracted driving related and 76 alcohol-related based on preliminary data.

“I urge everyone to be safe when they get behind the wheel,” NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Tom Church said. “Put down the phone and have a plan if you are going out to drink. Fatalities from drunk and distracted driving are 100 percent preventable.”

Governor Martinez has made fighting DWI a priority in her administration. Last year, the Governor enacted legislation that increased penalties against drunk drivers to some of the toughest in the region. The administration also launched a campaign aimed to stop servers and establishments from over-serving alcohol. In addition to the crackdown on DWI offender absconders, Governor Martinez also announced a court monitoring program that placed citizens inside courtrooms in six counties to shed light on how DWI cases are handled.