Governor Issues Executive Order Requiring Impact Analysis For Proposed Regulation Changes

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. Courtesy/governor’s office.

From the Office of Gov. Susana Martinez:

SANTA FE – Today, Gov. Susana Martinez issued an executive order directing all state boards, commissions and agencies to complete a Regulatory Impact Form (RIF) for every new proposed rule or rule-change.

This executive order builds on the Governor’s mission to increase transparency in government and improve New Mexico’s regulatory environment. It mirrors the legislature’s requirement to produce a Fiscal Impact Report for a bill proposal.

“Improving our regulatory environment has been a top priority for this administration, and analyzing each proposed rule is another step forward in ensuring that regulations are created responsibly and transparently,” Martinez said. “This new tool will help regulators and the public better understand the impact these regulations have on the people of our state.”

RIFs will be available on the Sunshine Portal no less than 48 hours prior to the start of a public comment period.

The RIF requires regulators to justify the creation a new rule or rule change, describe the impacts it will have on the public, explain the outcome of what would happen without it, and more. The document will in turn allow the public to understand the real-world impacts of a new rule without having to sift through complex legal language. 

A recent report from George Mason University’s Mercatus Center highlighted the heavy burden of the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC). They found the NMAC would take 13 weeks at 40 hours per week for an ordinary individual to read from start to finish. More information on the Mercatus Center Report can be found here.

“I look forward to Governor Martinez’s executive order creating lasting change in New Mexico’s regulatory environment,” said James Broughel, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Institute. “With proper implementation and monitoring, I’m confident that regulators will now think twice before proposing unnecessary rules, and more importantly, that the public will better understand how proposed rules will impact their daily lives.” 

Since taking office, Martinez has made it a priority to streamline and improve New Mexico’s government. Her administration has rolled back dozens of overly burdensome regulations, cut taxes and fees 61 times, and strengthened New Mexico’s job creation tools to put people to work and help businesses grow.

The executive order can be found on the governor’s website.