Governor Announces Programs to Hire Military Veteran Medics and Truck Drivers


ALBUQUERQUE – Gov. Susana Martinez has announced two efforts to speed up the hiring of National Guard, Reserve, Active Duty service members, and veterans for trucking and EMT jobs in New Mexico. Martinez says her administration is implementing initiatives to expedite the transition of qualified military veterans into jobs in the transportation industry and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) programs in New Mexico.

Speaking at the New Mexico Patriotic Employer Recognition Luncheon today at the Albuquerque National Guard Armory, the Governor announced details of Heroes to Highways—a program to expedite the path for qualified National Guard, Reserve Unit members, and veterans into commercial driver jobs in New Mexico—and the New Mexico EMS Transition Program, which expedites the hiring of qualified National Guard, Reserve Unit members, and veterans for EMS positions in the state.

“It would be foolish to go into combat without medics. It would be equally impractical, and certainly not sustainable, to be in a combat zone without supplies, and the military truck drivers who get those supplies there,” Martinez said. “Without them, you have no powdered eggs for the mess hall, no ammunition on the front line, and no medicine for those medics. These are two careers where veterans often have invaluable experience, and it makes sense to recognize that experience in the licensing process.” 

The Heroes to Highways program will recognize the military transportation credentials of Guard and Reserve members, and veterans. Qualified applicants will only need to take the final CDL exam to get a commercial license.

For Guard and Reserve members and veterans who do not have a transportation background, the program also creates a path for them to explore obtaining a CDL by providing the following:

  • Opportunities for completing the written and skills test portions of the CDL application process;
  • Processing and issuance of the CDL through the state Motor Vehicle Department’s mobile customer service centers;
  • Assist in the completion of required medical certification;
  • Work with wounded service men and women to allow those with missing or impaired limbs to obtain a CDL; and
  • Allow employers within the transportation industry to match up with prospective employees completing the program.

The New Mexico EMS Transition Program similarly eases the transition of qualified National Guard and Reserve members and veterans to become licensed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals here in New Mexico, if they have a current license elsewhere through their military service. 

Once approved, the applicant will receive a temporary license valid for six months. Should the applicant’s out-of-state license or NREMT certification expire before the six month period, the temporary license will also expire on that date. The applicant must pass the NM EMS licensing examination.

This program will also allow military medics whose training qualified them for a basic Emergency Medical Technician certification to participate in a customized military transition class to qualify for a condensed and expedited process for obtaining an intermediate EMT licensure level.

The Governor said the professional training along with the structured and disciplined nature of serving in the military translates well into the civilian work force here at home.

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