Governor Acts on Nine Pieces of Legislation

Gov. Susana Martinez




SANTA FE—Gov. Susana Martinez signed House Bill 51 and Senate Bill 182 into law.


House Bill 51, Right to Farm Nuisance Changes, protects New Mexico farmers and ranchers from encroaching urban sprawl and unfair nuisance lawsuits by stipulating that agricultural operations that have been in existence at least one year shall not be considered a nuisance, unless operated negligently or illegally.


Senate Bill 182, Corrections Industry Division Product Sales, authorizes the Corrections Industries Division of the New Mexico Corrections Department to sell manufactured products to the public, pursuant to the Corrections Industries Act, as long as the products sold have a prevailing market value of $300 or less.


Proceeds from the sales must be placed into the corrections industries revolving fund to support future projects and the crime victims reparation fund.


Both of these pieces of legislation passed the New Mexico State Legislature with broad bipartisan support.


The Governor also acted on the following legislation:

  • Signed SB 49 – Co–op Renewable Energy Purchase Reporting
  • Signed SB 88 – Infusion Therapy and Medical Supply Gross Receipts
  • Signed SB 124 – Real Estate Foreign Broker Licensure
  • Signed SB 159 – Education Technology Infrastructure Funding
  • Signed HB 50 – Bail Bondsman Qualifications and Licensure
  • Signed HB 156 – Fuel Prices and School Transportation Emergency
  • Signed HB 232 – Renewable Energy Reporting Dates