Governor Acts on 22 Pieces of Legislation



SANTA FE—Gov. Susana Martinez signed legislation Wednesday to reform and provide additional funding for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship. Martinez used her line-item veto authority to fix a widely reported drafting error in the legislative language that could have kept some students from receiving their tuition on time.


“I’m pleased that a bipartisan solution was reached to protect the Lottery Scholarship for students currently in their spring semesters, and I believe we’ve begun the process of instituting reforms to the Scholarship to ensure that students will be able to receive significant tuition assistance for years to come,” Martinez said.


The Governor also acted on the following legislation:


Vetoed SB 38 – Metro Court Bond Fund Recipients (MESSAGE)

Signed SB 41 – Commercial Driver’s License Retesting

Signed SB 69 – African American Infant Mortality Program

Vetoed SB 84 – Magistrate Court Fees and Fund Reversion (MESSAGE)

Vetoed SB 112 – Water Project Fund Projects (MESSAGE)

Vetoed SB 117 – Sole Member LLC Tax Status (MESSAGE)

Signed SB 122 – School District P.E. Requirements

Signed SB 125 – Minor Party Election Nominating Petitions

Signed SB 183 – Children’s Court Immediate Appeals

Vetoed SB 252 – Racing Commission Hearing Procedure (MESSAGE)

Signed SB 268 – Sole Community Provider Federal Compliance (MESSAGE)

Signed SB 307 – School District P.E. and Graduation Requirement

Vetoed SB 320 – School Transportation Boundary Agreements (MESSAGE)

Signed HB 42 – Filing of Annual Land Grant Board Reports

Vetoed HB 63 – County Detention Behavioral Health Project (MESSAGE)

Signed HB 141 – Create Additional Judgeships

Signed HB 157 – School Transportation Training Fund

Signed HB 181 – Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline

Signed HB 215 – Education Trust Board Changes

Signed HB 280 – Return to Statutory School Class Loads

Signed HB 338 – Public Defender Department Personnel Policies