Good Samaritans Help Motorcycle Crash Victims on N.M. 4

Two Albuquerque residents crashed on N.M. 4 Thursday. Photo by Greg Kendall/


Los Alamos Daily Post

Two Albuquerque residents riding a motorcyle down N.M. 4 toward Los Alamos hit the guardrail and were thrown over the side at approximately 5:20 p.m. Thursday and were transported to Los Alamos Medical Center.

The Los Alamos Daily Post spoke to eyewitnesses who rendered assistance to the accident victims at the scene.

Los Alamos resident, Matt Filer was driving with his three children, Samantha, Bethany and Nathan, toward the Jemez Mountains when they witnessed the accident.

“They were taking the corner too fast and they hit the guardrail. Both of them popped off and over the edge. The people on the motorcycle were the only ones involved in the accident,” Matt Filer said.

Filer said that the two victims, a man and a woman, both sustained possible leg compound fractures and the woman hurt her arm. He said his children assisted as first responders.

“We went down to sit with them and make sure they didn’t move around. They popped up into the air because they took the corner too fast. It was their first time in the mountains as they are used to riding in Albuquerque.”

The man was driving the motorcycle and he told Matt Flier that when he took the sharp corner, he couldn’t figure out whether to straighten out or turn and he ended up hitting the guardrail and their back tire popped up and they went flying.

Matt Filer said that his daughters, Samantha and Bethany both helped and were “very brave.” Samantha told the Los Alamos Daily Post that “it was very steep and the woman was slipping down the hill, so I held her arm.”

 Witnesses Samantha and Matt Filer look on as police retrieve personal items belonging to the motorcycle accident victims. Photo by Greg Kendall/ 

Police officers in yellow vests stand approximately where the two motorcycle riders landed after flying off of their bike Thursday. Photo by Greg Kendall/

The motorcycle came to rest in this spot after the two riders were ejected over the guardrail. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Good Samaritans (front seat) Samantha and Matt Filer, (back seat) Nathan and Bethany Filer. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Evening commuters wait for ambulances to transport two injured motorcyclists from the crash scene. The Motorcycle was barely scratched as a result of the accident. Photo by Greg Kendall/


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