Golf Course Water Main Repaired Sunday Evening


A water leak in a 16-inch water main that was discovered at the golf course on Friday evening was repaired by the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities crews late Sunday evening. 

Initially, DPU reported that repairs would be delayed until Monday, Feb. 6, after safety became a concern Friday night. The water main proved to be deeper in the ground than anticipated and additional safety equipment was needed to prevent unstable soil from collapsing on crews.  DPU expected to receive the additional shoring equipment by Monday. Rather than shut water service off to 1,600 customers on North and Barranca Mesas over the weekend, DPU made the decision to let the main continue to lose water until it could be repaired. 

Early Sunday morning, the situation went from serious to critical after the water main leak increased considerably. Without the shoring equipment, the DPU crews instead over excavated the hole in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards to safely repair the main that was approximately 25 feet deep. Repairs were completed 20 hours later.

No water service was lost to customers on North and Barranca Mesas although customers may have experienced a drop in pressure.