Goldman: Go See Silent Sky…

Los Alamos

Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old and sentimental.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a scientist and have felt the deep thrill of discovery.

Maybe it’s just because the production is mounted in Los Alamos, a town full of people who experience and understand that thrill.

Maybe it’s just because women still have not fully freed themselves from male oppression.

Or maybe it’s just because the members of the Los Alamos Little Theater are so good at what they do.

But whatever the reasons, I find it hard to imagine that the LALT production of Silent Sky could have been been done any better: acting, set, staging and lighting.

If you want to know or recall how it feels to make a scientific discovery (of any magnitude), if you want to see how women encouraging each other enlarges the human condition, if you want to have a strong emotional experience, go see Silent Sky.

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