Girrens: Why I’m Seeking Reelection To Council

Republican Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

Please take note that there are exciting times ahead for Los Alamos County and that I am seeking reelection to remain directly involved in establishing policy and setting directions impacting our community’s future.

After three years and three months, I must admit that there is unfinished business that I have participated in and contributed to and that I wish particularly to help see finished. The unfinished business that I am referring to includes:

  • benchmarking county services;
  • debating recent economic development activities being proposed;
  • furthering progress on the next round of capital improvement project spending; and
  • effecting policy decisions regarding future strategies involving our County-owned public utilities.

Benchmarking is especially necessary as it serves to inform our priorities relative to what the county government must do for its citizens, what it should do, and what would be nice to do.

My priorities will remain essentially unchanged from the first time I ran for Council in 2012. Specifically, be an advocate for balanced community investments especially infrastructure revitalization, a proponent of the County’s established economic vitality priorities, a supporter of the positive momentum promoting regional partnerships and collaboration, and a voice for mutually beneficial collaborations with the Los Alamos Public Schools.

I will always stay committed to sustaining the quality of life we enjoy – a safe place to live, quality schools, unique recreational and cultural venues, and “no better place” to raise a family. I will remain a champion of practical solutions that responsibly serve to balance our community’s expectations for services and available revenues. I will continue to make decisions to progress effective government.

I’m running again because I think there is exciting county business ahead that I would like to be an active part of. I have over 35 years invested in the community and am committed to run again. I wish to offer my unique experiences and perspectives in continued service and contribute to the collective Council identity. And besides, the ultimate test to judge if you have been adding value is if you can win reelection.

Editor’s Note: Columns on each of the candidates running in the June Primary Election will be featured in the Los Alamos Daily Post print edition and online during the next few weeks.