Girls Circles For Middle And High School Youth

YMCA News:
Girls Circle, a creative and collaborative discussion group, is starting two eight-week sessions. The high school group meets 3:30-5 p.m., starting
Monday, Feb. 22 at the Los Alamos Teen Center.
The middle school group meets 3:30-5 p.m., beginning Tuesday March 8, at Trinity on the Hill Church, 3900 Trinity Dr.
Girls Circle is a program where young women come together to discover their strengths and explore their challenges while building confidence, community and life skills. The eight-week program uses journaling, art, activities, and discussion to address topics such as body image, friendship, media influences, sterotypes, relationship dynamics, stress, and other issues that affect the lives of adolescent girls.
These classes are offered by the Los Alamos Teen Center, operated by The Family YMCA, with funding from the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board. Registration is available for both groups on the JJAB website.
Girls Circles are fun and lively at times, and deeply thoughtful at others. The weekly topics are engaging where the discussions and activities encourage self-reflection and critical thinking.
These classes create a community of belonging, something youth yearn for as they navigate the challenging years of adolescence. Past participants have cited that they look forward to the classes as a safe place to relax and share what is really going on in their lives. Girls build trust with one another and improve their social and decision-making skills in the process.
According to one girl, “I learned that being open and talking to others isn’t as hard as it seemed.” Another participant noted, “I learned how to step outside the stereotypes that surround everyone in our society.” Finally, “I learned what healthy relationships look like and how to be more assertive.”
Girls express learning to deal more effectively with stress and anxiety, parents, peers, and expectations.
Girls Circles for middle and high school youth are led by Kristine Coblentz who is trained as a Girls Circle facilitator and has extensive experience working with children, youth, and families.
Questions regarding the program can be directed to Los Alamos Teen Center Director Sylvan Argo at or Kristine Coblentz at Call LATC Staff at 505.695.7415.