Georgia Pedicini Wins Sept. 3 Pace Race

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

ACRR News:

Georgia Pedicini was 11 seconds off for 2 miles at Tuesday’s pace race, and Laura McClellan’s 23:28 for 3 miles was 13 seconds off her prediction.

There were 18 people who competed in the weekly Tuesday pace race in Pajarito Acres ranging in age from 3 to 78. The course is a fairly-flat 1-mile paved-loop mainly on Estante Way. Rain ended an hour before the race started.

One could run any number of loops but with a requested time of 45 minutes or less. All distances from 1 to 6 miles were done. Most did 1 or 3 miles.

The fastest for 1 mile were Jackie Marr (13:20) and Inez Ross (15:47). The faster 2-mile runners was Bob Weeks (27:44). Laura McClellan ran 3 miles in 23:28, and Nikol Strother did 30:21 for 4 miles. Candia Roxana finished in 41:50 for 5 miles, and Ted Romero ran 6 miles in 42:00.

The differences between predicted and actual times were adjusted by distance to 3 miles. The better predictors (with their distances and adjusted delta times, in seconds) were Laura McClellan (3 mi, 13 s), Georgia Pedicini (2, 16.5), Roxana Candia (5, 27), Ted Romero (6, 29), Inez Ross (1, 39), Jackie Marr (1, 54), Bob Weeks (2, 66), Zachary Medin (3,73), and Nikol Strother (4, 76).

Next Tuesday’s Pace Race will start near the Ski Lodge on Pajarito Mountain and go out the cross-country ski trail. For more information, call 672-1639.

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